Lithophane 3D Prints

Lithophane 3D Prints

A Chime for Healing

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Lithophane 3D prints is a new take on an old art form as described by Britannica Dictionary: Lithophane, biscuit, or unglazed, white porcelain decorated with a molded or impressed design, usually reproducing a painting, that was meant to be seen by transmitted light.

3D printers have come a long way, now we can print almost any type pf photo onto a solid white surface where a light source, usually LED, will backlight the image and it will display like a gray scale photo.

We are offering 2 styles currently and more in the future. 

The nightlight comes complete with a 120V plug in light and an LED bulb. All you need to provide is a square high resolution digital photo. We'll adjust the contrast and produce the highest quality nightlight shade possible. 

Just email us your image(s) to print after your order is processed (just a few seconds) and we'll get started.