Copper Hand-Crafted Pyramids

Copper Hand-Crafted Pyramids

A Chime for Healing

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Copper Pyramids

Lynn has been busy making Copper Pyramids! Available in 2 sizes, 6" base and 9" base, the energy concentration of these pyramids as amazing!

Whether it is your own personal pyramid at home or one of the numerous structures around the world, the power of the pyramid is a mystery that has been around for thousands of years. And like many other metaphysical tools it is deemed as a great power by some and a joke to others. With this contradicting information floating around out there only you can determine what power the pyramid has for you.

Russian researchers have done pyramid research for decades and have had some very interesting results which included improving the immune system, better regeneration of tissues, a reduction in violence and better overall behaviour in prisoners and many other positive environmental impacts. These studies alone indicate that there is something energetically powerful that is created by the shape of a pyramid.

It is my opinion that the pyramids do shift energy. I regularly use my pyramids to meditate placing them progressively on each Chakra point and I have noticed a variety of physical feelings that linger on one location even after the pyramid has moved. I have experienced everything from subtle vibrations to muscle shifts significant enough to surprise me. I also use the pyramids to cleanse crystals as it has been said that the space inside the pyramid is a space of negative ions unlike the positive ions that surround us through all of our electronic devices (ie. Wifi, 5G network, etc.). Lynn Profitt

There are many different uses for a copper pyramid, here are a few ideas:

  • Meditation
  • Energizing and cleansing crystals
  • Pyramid water
  • Ionization of Atmosphere and Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution
  • Manifestation
  • Removing negative energy
  • Raise Consciousness