BBQ Scraper Cedar with Engraving

BBQ Scraper Cedar with Engraving

A Chime for Healing

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- safe to use (no wires).
- made from Western Cedar - long lasting and durable.
- perfect for any occasion.

- Pre-heat grill on high to 400°f - 500°f.
- Place wide end of scraper on grill grate (graphic face up).
- With medium pressure move scraper back and forth until “grill groves” form.
- Clean the entire grill following the motion in the “grill grooves” (the grooves will deepen over time).
- To “prime” your grill for cooking, dip end of scraper in oil - move back and forth along grill.

If you wish to have a custom BBQ Scraper created, there is a form on the CART page. Any attachments will need to come through email.