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Healing Frequencies of Sound

I created A Chime for Healing Custom Wind Chimes as a way to help heal people who are suffering
from the imbalance of the sometimes chaotic world we live in.

If you believe that we are all made of energy, consisting of frequency and vibration that, without balance, there is disharmony, then this site is for you.

Without going into a lot of the scientific relationship between sound and frequency, the Solfeggio Scales provide frequencies that have been shown to help heal the body, mind and spirit.
Primarily the 528 Hz frequency is commonly used by energy healers, Shaman and sound healers. For more information, please see

I have captured a few of these frequencies in hand crafted wind chimes using locally sourced aluminum tubing, tuned specifically to the A=444 Hz scale. Typically music is tuned to A=440 Hz which is a flatter tone and does not capture
the Solfeggio healing frequencies of:
174 – reduce pain*
285 – influence energy fields
396 – turn grief into joy*
417 – facilitate change
528 – transformation & miracles*
639 – reconnecting, relationships
741 – expressions/solutions*
852 – return to spiritual order*
963 – awaken perfect state

* These frequencies are most commonly captured in our wind chimes.

Wind Chimes Tuned to Healing Frequencies

Wind chimes should sound pleasant and not just make noise. If that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

When they can invoke healing through sound, that is perfection.

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In the workshop

a day in the life...

of a wind chime builder. It may give you a brief insight of the production and time it takes to build a wind chime. Turn on your speakers...


Many different themes and custom options

High Quality Materials

Locally sourced aluminum and Canadian Cedar

Robust Workmanship

Multiple coats of marine coatings on wood surfaces and hand-polished ASTM grade aluminum

Garden Espresso Chime with Seagull Topper

In its natural habitat...


I find the sounds of these chimes very soothing and regenerative. Worth every nickel!

Lynn P.

I have been wanting these kind of wind chimes for years but never found anything
that I really liked. They are magnificent!!!

Pat M.

Our beautiful chime in it's new home!  We (and the neighbors!!) love it!  Thanks!